About us

Dr Richard O’Connor

Richard is a cognitive developmental psychologist with research interests in cognition from infancy through to adulthood. He led the ESRC funded “Pull of Reality” project, investigating egocentric bias in belief processing.

Dr Andrew Lucas

Andrew is an experimental psychologist. He finished his thesis on word learning in adults in July 2021. His research interests are mouse tracking methodology and psycholinguistics. He worked as a post-doctoral research associate on the ESRC funded “Pull of Reality” project.

Prof Kevin Riggs

Kevin Riggs has research interests in cognition and development. He is particularly interested higher cognitive functions, including social and logical reasoning, imaginative thinking, the executive functions, and, more recently, language. His research has been funded by various universities as well as the Economic and Social Research Council, the NHS, the French Centre for scientific research (CNRS) and the European Science Foundation. He was a co-investigator on the ESRC funded “Pull of Reality” project.